International Missions

Beit Rachamim-House Of Compassion

Our focus – connecting evangelical believers with Israel.  For those who desire to bless Israel and the Jewish people, Beit Rachamim provides a unique opportunity to send or serve on a short-term mission team in Israel. During the trip, the team will serve believing and unbelieving Jewish communities in tangible ways. Our long-standing relationships give Beit Rachamim the ability to connect a mission team with over 16 ministries in the Jerusalem area.

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Compassion International

 Calvary Elevate is proud to sponsor Assiatou Mande.  She was born June 1, 2009 and lives in Burkina Faso (West Africa).  She lives with her father and mother and 3 other children.  Her father and mother are occasionally employed.  Her duties at home include running errands.  She is not presently attending school, but is attending Bible class regularly.  Her favorite activities are playing with dolls and hide-and-seek.

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Open Doors

For over 60 years, Open Doors has worked in the world’s most oppressive countries, empowering Christians who are persecuted for their beliefs. Open Doors equips persecuted Christians in more than 60 countries through programs like Bible & Gospel Development, Women & Children Advancement and Christian Community Restoration.

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